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Learn + Play + Discover


Learn + Play + Discover is age-inspired and development appropriate product and experiences that engage the child’s emotional, intellectual, physical, and language abilities to support and encourage play and development.

This holistic approach to identity, packaging, and product development was developed to help bolster the toddler appropriate product offerings at Hallmark Gold Crown.


Packaging Explorations


These Learn + Play + Discover icons are designed to represent four key areas of growth: emotional, physical, intellectual, and language. An accessible product category is added to show that Hallmark values the needs of all children. Within these categories specific modes of development and targets for learning were researched and selected as important areas for play and support.

Customers can use these icons in addition to age grading to be reassured that a product not only looks fun but has real benefits to the child they are gifting it to.

On the product development side, these categories identify play patterns and benefits that can be designed towards as part of the Learn, Play, Discover strategy.


Icon Development

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